The line for transversal cutting of prepainted and mill finished (unpainted) steel or aluminum material is located in the production and storage area of ​​the company STŘECHY COMAX® in Velvary, Czech Republic. Straightening machine with cross cut of coated and mill finished metal sheets KoDL Bollina with deposit, is a device designed for removing rounded curvature of sheet after recoiling and for its subsequent transverse cutting up to a maximum length of 6 m.

COMAX ROOFS® offers a wide range of standard and non-standard colors for COIL COATING. We are able to divide metal coils transversely and longitudinally according to the customer's needs. The input materials for custom sheet metal cutting are aluminum alloys, soft and structural steels, cold rolled, suitable for further forming. We are able to paint and then divide the sheets in lengths and quantities according to the exact customer specification.

  • INPUT COIL WIDTH - max 1 540 mm
  • INPUT COIL THICKNESS - Al - 0,5 - 2,0 mm
  • INPUT COIL THICKNESS - FeZn - 0.4 - 2.0 mm
  • NUMBER OF Straightening Rollers - 9 pcs
  • SHEET LENGTH - max. 6,000 mm
  • PACKING WEIGHT (pallet) - max. 1,500 kg


Cutting line of the COMAX® ROOFS in cooperation with the Service center of the parent company METAL TRADE COMAX a.s. is ready to meet the standard and non-standard customer requirements for precision cutting and slitting of metal coils.

COMAX ROOFS® offers precise sheets of prepainted and mill finished, steel and aluminum material according to customers demand. In cooperation with the parent company METAL TRADE COMAX, a.s. with its headquarters and its dividing centers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, thanks to its high storage capacity, it is able to satisfy customers' requirements almost immediately. 

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