COMAX ROOFS® produce lightweight roofing with an emphasis on the quality of the protective coating process with a wide range of surface treatments and bespoke RAL shade option.

With our experience in the production and technology of sheet metal coating, we can vitalise your roof with a unique look to protect your home from the weather for future generations. Our lightweight aluminium and galvanized steel roofing resembles the appearance of classic zinc metal roofing, and is the perfect solution for the toughest conditions such as exposed areas, chemical plants or aggressive seaside areas.

At the same time, sheet metal roofing meets the requirements for modern, cost-saving and 100% recyclable roofing solutions. This lightweight roofing is intended for both roof reconstruction and modern new family houses, also ideal for the Modular market.

Lovers of a classic look, as well as fans of innovative and unusual sheet metal finishes will appreciate the wide selection of standard coating colours. Above all, it is a modern finish with a surface texture that eliminates sun reflections on the surface of the roofing. The aluminium roofing can be used with this unique finish, also in combination with sheet metal embossing or "Stucco" .



A wide range of COMAX® sheet metal roofing profiles offer a suitable solution for roof of every building. Roofing finds its application in all branches of modern construction, such as family houses, apartment buildings, but also industrial and agricultural buildings. Large-format COMAX® roofing as a versatile solution for roof systems with different requirements for safe operation.

Large-format roofing is a solution for complex roof structures, insulated and non-insulated with minimum roof pitch and complexity of roof surfaces. The usability of sheet metal roofing begins at the flat roofs. Our classic seign of standing seam roofing, Comax Falc is a waterproof and windproof solution for even the most demanding weather conditions. With the use of the doubled standing seam, the roofing can be applied from 4° roof pitch.

This proven roofing system for pitched roofs is now becoming a very popular and desirable technique for roofing of pitched roofs and facades. Many of our roofing materials, such as COMAX TRAPEZE, COMAX WAVECOMAX KLIK, find their use not only as optimum roofing with aluminium or galvanised steel core. They are also rightly used as façade panels, ceiling profiles or hidden formwork and are also very good for fencing halls and large areas.

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